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Rental Cars in New Zealand – Why You Should Choose an Independent Holiday

Travelling to New Zealand from abroad can be both exciting and daunting; how do you know where to go, what to see and how to get around? Isn’t it best to take a guided tour so that you don’t miss anything? Whilst guided tours are a great option for those restricted by time, with a little bit of planning and a great rental car company, you can have an independent self drive tour that is just as good – if not better!

If you are one of the many tourists arriving from Australia, you will be pleased to know that here in New Zealand we drive on the same side of the road as drivers do in Australia. Our roads and weather can be somewhat different though – but don’t let that be a factor to deter you from booking a rental car. A quality rental car company will provide you with details either on their website or when you pick up your vehicle on the basic New Zealand road rules, which will help to put your mind at ease if still aren’t sure on driving the country yourself.

Independent self drive tours of New Zealand allow you to choose where you will stop, what you want to see and who you travel with. Many of the guided tours often have set destinations which are unable to be customised to suit. Imagine driving along the road in your rental car of choice only to see a quaint little cafe on the side of the road in small township such as Temuka, you decide to pull over and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink only to find that the cafe also sells some great little souvenirs – you may not have found that out if you were on a guided tour!

Your options really are endless, many tourists you talk to will often tell you of all the famous New Zealand places to stop on your holiday; Waitomo Caves, Tongariro National Park, Kaikoura, Queenstown, Akaroa, the list goes on – and whilst these places are great, there are so many more small townships along your travels that are definitely worth a stop, even if it is just for some lunch or to stretch your legs. Below we give you some ideas:
- Cheviot – there is a great little community market on the weekends where you can find all sorts of knick knacks.
- Bannockburn – if you are staying in the Otago region (Cromwell, Queenstown) Bannockburn is a small township not far, that offers some great wineries.
- Greytown – in the North Island, this small town is like stepping into a different world with it’s historical buildings and great arts and crafts on offer, it’s worth the visit.
- Turangi – if fishing, mountain biking, bush walks and more sounds like something you are interested in, then Turangi is your place to stop.

Travelling by rental car around New Zealand allows you to enjoy these towns and many more, depending on your itinerary – something which many tourists miss out on.

Vacation Rental Listings – The Good, The Bad and the Outright Scams

Vacation Rental Listings – The Good, The Bad and the Outright Scams

Advertising vacation rentals across the nation has changed to the property owner’s advantage. Five years ago, property owners depended on their local newspaper to advertise their vacation rentals. Newspapers charged anywhere from .00 to 0.00 to run a three-line cram-it-in ad for 30 days as a classified listing (00 per year). The reach was limited to the amount of papers that were printed and read on any particular day. Compare that to today’s global reach and on-demand access to rental listings on the World Wide Web.

This is great news for owners wishing to advertise to the far corners of the earth. Travelers from around the world now have the ability to view listings on thousands of advertising sites with relative ease. There are risks, though: RENTER BEWARE! That vacation rental you have selected in New York, Utah or Lake Tahoe may be an empty lot upon your family’s arrival at 9:30 pm after a day of traveling.

Travelers are beginning to become keen to the fact vacation rentals are a popular choice when traveling with the family, but checking to see if that perfect getaway is verified is an often overlooked step. Anyone from Hong Kong to the Idaho can post a listing for a vacation rental on the internet. Simply log on to the internet, pay your 0.00 to post your listing on a popular rental site, and field the inquiries as they arrive in your inbox. Not getting enough inquiries? Lower the price and add a few more pictures. Owners know this all too well and unfortunately so to the scammers.

98% of all the vacation rental websites do not verify their listings. It is up to the consumer to assume the risk and do their own due diligence. Scammers are good at what they do and here is why: They spend hours scouring these properties on these listing sites to learn how to create a good attractive listing, often simply cutting and pasting from other ads to create a great presentation of a non-existent property.

Just looking at some these listings, even the most experienced agents would have no clue whether or not the home, condo, chalet or cottage is legitimate until it’s too late. The renter has mailed the check or used an online means for payment and the money is transferred to a corner of the world we did not know existed. The email account is closed and the chase across the border will end right there.

As the vacation rental market expands by leaps and bounds, so are vacation rental listing scams. Without some due diligence and research, your perfect family vacation could end before it even starts.

How do you protect yourself from scammers? Obviously, be very careful before you send your hard-earned money to a listing on a vacation rentals website. Be patient, plan ahead – it might take some time and some communication exchanges before you find the place you’re looking for. Find out who the listing belongs to! If it sounds too good to be true, or if you just have a feeling that something isn’t right – stop right there and ask for proof of ownership and that the house you’re viewing on your computer screen actually exists.

To learn more about renting verified vacation rentals from real owners with real proof that the home exists visit for vacation renal listings that are carefully verified for your next family vacation.