People today would do anything they can to protect themselves from cold, wind, or rain. They would wear thick clothes or they would wear hooded jackets. Hooded jackets have actually gone through a very long history, starting back to the Middle Age era where only the monks wore hooded robe to make themselves look different from other people. The hooded clothing then re-introduced again in 1930s, where ordinary people starting to wear the clothes. It was worn by workers in order to prevent them from the cold.

Today, there’re so many hooded jackets available; starting from the mens hooded jackets, women’s hooded jackets, even children’s hooded jackets. They’re all available in different sizes, colors, patterns, and designs. Most men’s jackets would come in basic colors, such as black, white, blue, or brown, while women’s jackets are more colorful and mostly come in cute designs. Whatever designs and patterns the jackets have, they only serve one single purpose: to protect to wearer from cold. The hooded part is very useful, where it can protect the head from the rain, or wind, or even snow. It’s the part that’s keeping the head and ears area warm. Sometimes the hooded is big enough that it can ever cover the cheeks area.

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